How do I install the Joomla plugin?

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Login to Joomla!. From the administration panel, go to Extension Manager.
Under Upload Package File, click the browse button and upload the Atomic Reach plugin zip file. Remember that only zip files can be used to upload the plugin.
Click on Upload & Install as highlighted in the screenshot below.
Go to Extensions > Plug-in Manager from the top menu and search for Atomic Reach. Click on Atomic Reach – Post Analyzer.
Change Status to Enabled.
Insert the “API secrete and consumer keys” from your Atomic Reach Scoring Engine profile page. Click Save & Close.
Now go to Content > Article Manager and click on any article you’d like to analyze.
Once the page loads, you will see the result of assessment. Click on any button to see further details. To analyze all your future articles, make sure the article status is set to Unpublished and press the Save button. The page will refresh and with new results of your assessment.


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