How do I install the Kapost plugin?

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Login to your Kapost account to obtain your API token keys. You will need these keys to connect to the Atomic EngagerTM tool.
Once you are logged in, go to your Kapost Profile.
Click the “edit profile” button from top right.
Scroll all the way down and copy your Token API key.
On the Atomic EngagerTM app page, click the blue “Get Started” button and login using the provided email and password. (Contact Us if you do not have the login info).
Now paste in your Kapost Token API keys (that you copied from step 4) and your Kapost Username/Sub-domain (Your subdomain is the first word before Click the “Go” button.
Here are all your articles in the Kapost system. Simply click on an article to begin editing it.
When you click on an individual story, the edit screen will be brought up. The edit screen has two parts and the left hand side is where you create your content and the right hand side will be the Atomic Engager.


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