The Engager Breakaway System


I have read the thread on “breakaway issues help” and did not know whether to jump in there or start my own so ….. I have an Engager Breakaway System in our Ranger Van. The little black box where you press the test button says ‘recharge’ but the recharging will only happen while connected to the truck. I’ll try to keep it simple for me not you guys; how long should the breakaway battery hold its charge for? How long does it need to fully charge when hooked up to the truck? Am I able to run a wire from the breakaway battery to the vans battery without too many issues? How can I fully charge this brand (The Engager) if I am unable to wire it to the vans battery? Also as an add on …… I have a relay switch installed in the truck which works fine but I did wonder why the breakaway battery still signifies charging when hooked up to the truck without the engine running. Should it?
I do intend replacing the battery after I get this sorted.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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